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08/17/09 - We're going to Australia to visit Uluru!
Most of you may know it as Ayers Rock, but the
native word for it is Uluru. This is one
thing we never go to do while living in Sydney
so we're really excited to finally see it!

12/12/08 - We're going to Australia for Christmas!
We'll be in Australia to visit my parents for
Christmas. We're actually going after the 25th,
but we'll get to celebrate Christmas and New
Years while we're there. The fireworks on
Sydney harbour are always unbelievable!

11/08/08 - Stephanie got a new car!
Stephanie's Audi TT was starting to be a
hassle and need expensive repairs all the time.
We found a good deal on a gently used 06
Infiniti G35x which should be great for
commuting and the winters here.

05/05/08 - Stephanie has a new job!
Stephanie has just accepted a new job with H&M!
She'll be working as a merchandiser for their
new University Village store. She will have a
couple months (months!) of training in California
before starting here in August. I'll miss her!

2/15/08 - Thomas has a new job!
I've just accepted a new job with Microsoft!
I'll be working in a mobile service group
and haven't been this passionate about a job
in years! This is a great change and a
fantastic opportunity for me!

10/15/07 - Moved in to our new townhouse!
After what seemed like an eternity, we finally
moved in to our new townhouse! We are really
excited to finally own a home and are
realizing we don't have anywhere near enough
furniture, even for this little place!

07/11/07 - Townhouse Delay!
It looks like there will be a slight delay
with our new townhouse in Bothell. The new
move in date should be around the end of September.
Looks like Stephanie has even more time to look
for new furniture! Oh no!

05/20/07 - Thomas and Stephanie found a new house!
We have found a wonderful townhouse in Bothell
that is in the process of being built.
It is in a fantastic location and has some
excellent features and fantastic build quality
we were looking for. We should be moving in by

04/15/07 - Thomas and Stephanie are home!
Thomas and Stephanie have returned home!
We are now back in Washington State and
are really enjoying catching up with friends
and family. We already miss Sydney, but it
is wonderful to be home as well. We'll be
house hunting for a place to live soon.

06/11/04 - Thomas and Stephanie are getting MARRIED!
Thomas and Stephanie are getting married!
Thomas and Stephanie got engaged
on April 30th of 2004 and are to be married
on August 6th of 2005 at Top of the Market
in downtown Seattle. Visit the Wedding page for
more information on the event!

04/05/04 - Thomas and Stephanie have moved to Australia!
Thomas and Stephanie recently moved to Australia!
Thomas was given an opportunity to pursue
an expatriate position for two years in
sunny Australia and has taken the job!
Thomas and Stephanie have updated their contact info.

10/13/04 - Thomas is looking for jobs!
Thomas Fennel is actively looking for a job!
Please see his pages for more information on his
career and to have a look at his resume. As
always, feel free to contact him.

7/15/04 - Heather and Brian and introducing...
Breckin Hadley! Congratulations on a
beautiful, healthy baby boy!

4/30/04 - Thomas and Stephanie got engaged!!!
Thomas asked Stephanie to marry him on
April 30th, 2004. Go to the pictures
to see some of the fun they had that weekend!

6/01/03 - Thomas and Stephanie have moved!
Thomas and Stephanie have both recently
graduated from WSU and have moved to
Troy, MI, where Thomas has taken
a job with EDS. The contact page has been
updated with new information as well!

2/16/03 - The Contact Page has been updated!
The Contact Page has been updated with the most
current contact information available for the
Fennel Family. Please stop by and have a look...
and maybe drop one of us a line!

Thomas' Professional and Career Information

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-Thomas' Home

   -About Me

   -About Me
   -My Resume
   -My Education

About My Professional Life

I am an extremely motivated and capable Information Technology professional. I have over 3 years of experience in network and server administration as well as wireless technology.

From mid 2000 to late 2001 I worked as a Network Monitoring Administrator for Enron Transportation Services (ETS) in Houston, Tx. I was an Electronic Data Systems (EDS) contract employee assigned to the Enron account. My responsibilities there included monitoring over 200 NT servers as well as creating the extensive server monitoring documentation. To perform monitoring tasks I used a combination of Compaq Insight Manager and Configuresoft's Enterprise Configuration Manager. I also developed a custom configuration management interface in cooperation with Configuresoft. Some of my other responsibilties involved assisting with the ETS Storage Area Network implementation and building and maintaining numerous development, model office, and production servers.

After my EDS contract job with Enron, I moved on a position with EDS in Troy, Michigan. There, I joined the EDS Client Network Systems' (CNS) Wireless Team. My responsibilities included designing and implementing wireless networks for muliple clients such as General Motors and the United States Government as well as creating process documentation and configuration guidelines. I also took the initiative to create custom macros and scripts used in automating documentation and networking tasks. Towards the end of that assignment I became the group's wireless security expert and provided secure wireless architecture solutions to multiple EDS clients.

While working in Troy I was approached with an opportunity to do a 2 year expatriate assignment in Sydney Australia. I worked for Client EDS (the internal EDS organization similar to most "IT" departments) as a lead engineer across a variety of regional and global projects. I designed and implemented the mobile messaging solution as well as led a global WSUS initiative. I also implemented a Managed Output Services implementation with Fuji-Xerox that significantly reduced printing expenses for the entire region.

At the end of my two years in Sydney I was accepted into the Top Gun program for EDS at the Redmond Innovation Center in Washington State. This program represents the top 1% of the company and provides a very intense 3 month experience designed to foster innovation and thought leadership. It was a fantastic experience that helped me grow immensely in a very short period.

After Top Gun I stayed on in Washington State (I grew up here) and worked as a Lead Engineer for EDS on a major auto manufacturer account. My responsibilities included guidance and architecture on a myriad of topics ranging from Vista's Bitlocker to the User State Migration Tool as well as Business Desktop Deployment.

Just this February I accepted a position with Microsoft working for the mobile services division. It's an amazingly challenging and rewarding job and I'm enjoying myself immensely!

Some of my other accomplishments involve being part of the MIS Fellows program at Washington State University (WSU) as well as being published in the WSU President's Viewbook for my research involving intelligent agents.

For more professional information about myself, or my career, please have a look at the My Resume page.

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