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Impression: Abt coilovers

Impression: Abt coilovers

From gti-vr6-ownerdev.tivoli Sat Nov 14 23:13 CST 1998
From: Jim Chu <jimchuCompuServe>
To: GTI VR6 News Group <gti-vr6dev.tivoli>, Jeff Storey <storeyintr>
Subject: [gti-vr6] Review: ABT Coilovers
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 00:09:43 -0500
After 3-4 weeks of the car sitting idle, I finally fixed my leaking power
steering resovoir due to the leaking battery and finally got the ABT's on
the car.  The ABT's are made by Bilstein like the H&R's and Neuspeed.  It
has dust boot and bump stops.  The front coilover piston is huge.  Probably
1" - 1 1/4" in diameter.  The finish is excellent.  The rears has two
springs, one main and a tender spring.  After numerous test drives from
Brad  VW Sport, I finally took the plunge.

I have 17" wheels and F&R Neuspeed sways.  The car is pretty much to the
ground now.  I can get just one finger between the fender and tire.  The
ride is just smoooooth, like butter.  The spring rates and the valving is
just perfect.  Some may say it's a little on the softside, but who want to
get jarred from every road imperfection?  It soaks up the bumps like a set
of 15" wheels.  With the sways, it corners like a champ, with no nasty
weight transfer.

This is the BEST suspension for me up to date.  My personal hands on
history ( 16" BBS RX w/ F&R sways) with suspension is:  stock shocks w/
Neuspeed springs, Neuspeed HD's w/ Neuspeed springs, Spax adjustable w/
Spax springs (strut blowout after 5k miles), Spax w/ Neuspeed springs, Koni
w/ Neuspeed springs, and AVO Coilovers.  The HD Neuspeed Bilsteins & Konis
rode like a rock in the city.  I had to soften the Konis but that'll make
it undervalved and it wallows.  The rear of the car with these setup was
rock solid (no give-THUNK!).  The AVO's were pretty good, but I had 350#
springs F, and 250# in the rear.  I needed a set of 400# in the fronts and
then they would be pretty good for the money.  Behind the ABT's, the AVO's
were pretty good riding/handling.

The car now with the ABT's is just a pleasure to drive.  The ride is so
comfortable (with 17" and sways!) and corners oh so sweet...  I can only
imagine the H&R may be a bit stiffer.  If you got the cash, do it right the
first time and don't bother with the other setup.  I know, I've done it and
been there.

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